The Mayan Prayer



In the name of the Light and Love of the Divine Creator, the

Sacred Intelligence and Energy of the Universe, we stand united, all beings

of Light in the rightful use of Wisdom and Energy.  We surround the Earth

with the light of our souls and the light of our source.  Together we encircle

this sacred vessel and all those within and without with the love, the power

and the mercy of our Divine Source.  We honor the Spirit that runs through

all things and, hold sacred, the love of God.  We offer the boundless reservoir

of love within our hearts in honor of all of existence and the sacred energy

of our creator.

We acknowledge we are of the Earth, of the Heavens and the

infinite light of the seed of the Creator. We acknowledge, and hold sacred,

that all that exists has consciousness and pledge to honor this

consciousness from this time forth, each, according to our ability.

We are beings of light and a peaceful yet mighty force for the light. We

hold this sacred circle together so that no force from above or below, within

or without can break our collective will.  We stand united to protect the Earth

and all that inhabit it through the cosmic transitions that may lie ahead.  We

are one with each other and with our creator.  We are humble, but mighty

spirits of the light, acting in the highest interest of those above and below.

Amen And so it is... Blessings.   Please share this prayer .....



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